Don't go it alone.

High quality mobile WiFi control at a fraction of the cost.

Cutting edge app development, none of the maintenance.

You make a great set of lights. We make great software. Fishbit is designed by a team of designers, developers and engineers. Never worry about servers, code or devOps. We push frequent updates and are always adding more features. Turnkey for you whether you sell 100 lights or 100,000 lights.

Drive sales and build loyalty.

  • Transform your customer experience with beautiful native iOS/Android apps for your lights.
  • Empower your customers with manual individual channel control
  • Unleash the power of your lights with intuitive automation: including geolocation and scheduled suncycle ramps.
Companies big and small choose Fishbit to connect their products.

“The Fishbit app is fantastic. Their team seamlessly connected our 6 channel light to their app. They built in some difficult high level functionality and continue to roll out new features. We couldn't be happier!”

Mike C., owner of RapidLED

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